Happy #USA day, part 2!


There a bunch of reviews of Jules and Jim coming with the new Blu-ray release.  I’m crazy excited about it as its one of my favorite films.

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Belated Top Ten Films of 2013

I still haven’t seen Her or Before Midnight (which I suspect might have made the list), but with the Oscars already coming and going, I figure it’s time to stop dragging my feet.

Favorite of 2013:
The World’s End

Remaining 9 in Alphabetical Order:
Afternoon Delight
Drinking Buddies
It’s a Disaster
Prince Avalanche
Short Term 12
Spring Breakers
The To Do List
The Wolf of Wall Street

Mentioned Honorably:
All Is Lost, Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus and 2012, Much Ado About Nothing, Side Effects, This Is The End